YMI Dickson-Stephens Leadership Institute

From the YMI Cultural Center:

Asheville,N.C. – The YMI Cultural Center announced today its release of The Dickson-Stephens Leadership Institute. Named for Mr. Issac Dickson and Dr. Edward Stephens, who were the founders of the YMI, DSLI is a 10- week leadership cohort program that addresses the personal, cultural, civic and professional needs of emerging African American leaders in Asheville City and Buncombe County. Through the Institute, DSLI works to build a group of transformative African American leaders who hold a lifelong commitment to create lasting change in the African American community.

About The YMI Cultural Center
The YMI opened its doors in 1893 as the Young Men’s Institute. The institute was erected as a location for black men to improve their moral fiber through self- governance. The targeted areas were: education, economics and entrepreneurship. The YMI Cultural Center continues to focus on these areas some 120 years later through smart partnerships through exhibitions, lectures, collaborative class offerings, income tax assistance for low income citizens and asset management resources. For more information, please visit The YMI Cultural Center website: ymiculturalcenter.org.

About The Dickson-Stephens Leadership Institute

The Dickson-Stephens Leadership Institute will equip African-American professionals, ages 22-35, with the necessary skills to make positive transformations in their schools, communities, and society.  Through this program, participants will gain skills in leadership development, resiliency, cultural competence, and will develop stronger levels of self-esteem and a positive identity. Session one begins January 2014.

To learn more of the Young African American Leaders Institute please contact the Program Director:

Dr. Lamar Hylton
lrhylton8@gmail.com or
Sharon K. West, Chair of the YMI Board of Directors

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