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Very often when I am out around town passing out business cards to share the site with people I meet, I am asked about business resources. I’m very encouraged by the positive responses I get from the community, but also feel that there is a lot of unmet need or perhaps a feeling from many people that they want help with starting a business but don’t know where to begin.

I know that as an entrepreneur there is something to be said for knowing how to use Google, get out to the library, and know how to find information when you need it. I’m sure there are people think that those who are unable simply help themselves aren’t cut out for running their own businesses. At the same time, there are plenty of people who may not be on the cutting edge as far as their grasp of new technology, but who have a wealth of experience and value to contribute in other ways – they just need a little help getting there.

With that in mind, I’m sharing this link to the list of small business and entrepreneur resources produced by Minority Enterprise’s MED Week Committee. This is just one of many resources produced by several groups available to to assist Asheville’s community of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

6th Annual WNC Business Assistance Directory

Our business directory now includes 103 black-owned businesses (in addition to 30 Churches & Congregations and 23 Community Groups  that serve the black community). Some of these are well-established, successful businesses, while others are fledgling businesses, perhaps financed by someone working another full time job while they struggle to get things started. It is my hope that at some point, these businesses might get together, use  power in numbers to purchase ad space, hire training consultants, whatever might serve to improve the success rate and profitability of these businesses that bring so much more back to the African American community when they excel.

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