Ben’s Place Genealogy Museum

Ben’s Place Genealogy Museum
Ben’s Place Genealogy Museum
Family History Museum

Ben’s Place is a showcase of the family history of Sandy Garcia. Her ancestors kept an amazing collection of photos, articles, ephemera, and artifacts of their history, and Ms. Garcia has put it all on display for the public to enjoy and learn from. She is a warm and engaging, ready to share the stories behind the names and places, and I’m sure you will come away from visiting Ben’s Place feeling inspired to explore your own family!

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Sandy Garcia taught at the University of South Florida in Tampa for thirty-four years.   She retired as emeritus professor in 2006 and moved to Asheville, which she loves. She can be reached at the genealogy museum, Ben’s Place, 121 Shadowbrook Dr., 28805, (828) 505-1855, or (813) 857-3910, and

(828) 505-1855
121 Shadowbrook Dr., Asheville, NC 28805